WhichOneIsIt.co.uk would like to thank:

Mrs. WhichOneIsIt, who is always right (no, really).

The enigmatic JG for initial encouragement; MissMaudie, for help with the initial identity charts (you can purchase original MissMaudie illustrations from iStockphoto.com); Mike, for ideas, and for being Mr. MissMaudie (as-it-were); Wikipedia (look at all those lovely words!); and Ninjawords which makes spelling easy as pie. (And pie is easy)

The objects within the identification charts were mostly made by: MissMaudie and Spod. Some objects came from the Open Clipart Library where we found a few nice silhouettes, and some came from the CorelDraw 5 (yes, five) clipart library CD. Blimey.

Unless otherwise indicated, all photography on this site is owned and copyrighted by: Spod at iStockphoto.com wherein you can browse his portfolio and even purchase his photos if you so wish, although he hasn't uploaded anything to iStock for quite a while.

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